Richard Wagner


Trauersinfonie, originally scored by Wagner for large windband, is based on themes from Weber's Euryanthe, and was first performed on December 14, 1844. This music was written to aid the torchlight procession that carried the ashes of Carl Maria von Weber from the Dresden train station to their final resting place, some eighteen years after his death in London. First published 1926.


Wagner Trauersinfonie


1. flute 2. flute 3. clarinet in Bb 4. clarinet in Bb 5.bass-clarinet in Bb
1. oboe 2. oboe 3. violin 4. alto clarinet in Eb 5. Contra-alto clarinet in Eb
1. clarinet in Eb 2. clarinet in Bb 3. viola 4. Horn in F 5. Bassoon
1. clarinet in Bb 2. violin   4. C-instr. in bass-clef 5. cello
1. violin     4. C-instr. in treble-clef 5. Double Bass