Links to Compositions of Arne Dich

Come, let us dance! A Symphonic Fairy-tale for Windband

(Revised version, 2022) - Link ........ (Reduced Windband, 2001) - Link


The Bridge

Now also with the parts included - (dec 2009) - Link


Arne Dich: Song to a Friend

for Solo-clarinet & Clarinet Orchestra - LINK & for Clarinet-Trio - LINK


The Pearl Trio Trip

for Flute, Trumpet & Trombone.

1. Sonatina - and no Mozart
2. Intermezzo Flautino
3.Tango with a Twist
4. Kaleidoskop - now with Haydn

Ravel goes MiddleEast

A Concert Piece for WindBand, originally written for a performance with oriental dancers

Die Storch und der Hirte

Die Nasen

Das Loch

Die Kirchenglocke

arranged for Windquintet, piano & cello and reader with additional parts for all instruments

Introduction and Variations on Le Carnaval de Venise

for Alto-Sax and WindBand LINK

3 new or updated Windquintets Link

The Bridge (Windband) Link

Come, let us dance (Windband) Link

The Melody that almost disappeared (Windband) Link

"A Doggies Day" Waltz (Duet for Clarinet and Bassoon) link

Dine Øjne (Your Eyes) & Ebbe Skammelsøn Written in Bulgarian Female-Choir-Style Link

Blue Friday (A little waltz for Piano) Link

Kaleidoskop, Symphony in one movement for Wind-Nonet LINK


New Februar 2022

m. Koncert mp3

Dronning Dagmar LINK
En mini-opera over folkevisen Dronning Dagmar
for 2 sopraner, obo, guitar, 3 violiner, bratsch og bas


Randers Suite for Flute, trumpet, trombone & tuba