A new site with jazz-violinplayer Svend Asmussen Compositions

“The Svend Asmussen Free Online Score-Library”

in The jazz collections at the University Library of Southern Denmark

- One of the best jazz-violin players of all time, Svend Asmussen (“The Great Dane”) could have celebrated 102 years birthday on February 28-th (but passed away February last year 100 years old).  He left a comprehensive heritage of music after having recorded during 75 years in many styles.

- As composer and arranger he also was hard working and left quite a pile of manuscripts. His widow, Ellen Bick Asmussen, asked arranger Arne Dich to digitalize this heritage for free use – it “was in the spirit of Svend” as she formulated it. The manuscripts showed to consist of some complete arrangements, many sketches and single parts from arrangements of own compositions and standards.

- And now we can present a dozen of Svend Asmussen compositions (some in 2-4 versions) to be used for free in complete arrangements ready to be played by musicians and amateurs and for use of jazz-musicians with a more creative approach. Every arrangement is followed by an mp3 of the music, an original manuscript-pdf, a few seconds of an original recording plus notes and comments.

- Editor and engraver is Arne Dich, arranger, musician and retired professor from Royal Academy of Aarhus, Denmark – with invaluable support of Frank Büchmann-Møller, librarian and co-writer of the authoritative biography “Svend Asmussen – 100 years of full blowing” (only in Danish by now).

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